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Paul Pollack

Paul is a serial entrepreneur with a banking background (Rabobank) and studied (business)economics. Paul has a strong commitment to innovation in the field of waste and energy and has been actively involved since 2013 and has developed into a specialist in this innovative field of KPP-ews.

Kenneth Zandvliet

Kenneth is a communication expert and specialist in the field of “personal coaching“. In addition to these training courses, Mr Zandvliet also gives business advice on restructuring and is known for his integrity as a consultant. Communication is in everything the keyword concerning the field of expertise of Kenneth Zandvliet. In recent years, Kenneth has increasingly developed to put the innovative techniques of KPP-ews on the map in his network.


In view of the applications, KPP seeks to establish a partnership with the local authority, which will contribute the assets necessary for the operation, such as building sites and permits, for its participation. In addition, the local authority ensures the payment of the local labour force, guarantees the purchase of the energy produced at the wholesale price to be paid if local energy companies cannot provide sufficient security for this and contributes to the financing of the installation(s). The joint venture is structured through a local entity. KPP supervises the financing, construction with its partners and operation. It also has a training and communication programme with its partners relating to construction, operation, maintenance and population. Local companies will be engaged for construction and maintenance. A condition is that these companies meet the technical and compliance requirements of KPP. Specific construction processes will always be provided by KPP’s Dutch partners. You can read how this works at Organisation.


KPP is a network organization, which is in charge of creating an assignment and participates in the operation. In view of the size of the operation, a permanent project leader from KPP will be linked to each assignment. Together with the local government and the KPP team, this project leader will map out the local situation and draw up a project plan. KPP can have its permanent partners, such as Adverio Engineering, Kon. Oosterhof Holman, GVP EnergyEkwadraat and Evergreen (USA), advise in drawing up the project plan.

A local party is designated for the local tendering, project management and licensing process, which also acts as a discussion and implementation partner.

If, after reading, you are interested in researching a project with KPP, you can fill in the contact form on our contact page. 

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Paul Pollack

Paul is serial entrepreneur met een bancaire achtergrond (Rabobank) en heeft (bedrijfs)economie gestudeerd. Paul heeft een grote betrokkenheid bij innovatie op het gebied van afval en energie en is sinds 2013 actief betrokken en heeft zich ontwikkelt tot specialist in dit innovatieve vakgebied van KPP-ews.

Kenneth Zandvliet

Kenneth  is communicatiedeskundige en specialist op het gebied van “personal coaching”. Naast deze trainingen geeft de heer Zandvliet ook bedrijfsadviezen aangaande herstructurering en staat daarnaast bekend vanwege zijn integere kwaliteiten als consultant. Communicatie is in alles het sleutelwoord betreffende het vakgebied van Kenneth Zandvliet. Kenneth heeft zich de afgelopen jaren steeds meer ontwikkeld tot het in zijn netwerk op de kaart zetten van de innovatieve technieken van KPP-ews.